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Root Canals

A Root Canal is a procedure that removes damaged nerves and blood vessels within the tooth to allow for the preservation of a tooth following a traumatic injury or bacterial infection from a cavity.

Root Canal Symptoms

Although symptoms vary from patient to patient, if you’ve encountered any of the following pains, discomforts, or injuries, you may need a root canal examination to check the condition of the nerve within the tooth:

  • Extreme, dull, or throbbing pain

  • Swollen gums or cheeks

  • Small pimple-like bumps along gums

  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

  • Chronic tooth infections

  • Recent traumatic injury leaving the tooth to decay

  • Nerve/pulp (blood vessels/tissues at the center of the tooth) damage

  • Pain when lying down or bending over

  • Pain when biting or touching tooth

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is fairly straightforward and typically requires only one visit to our Columbus office. First, Dr. Santilli will assess the area by utilizing x-rays and performing a thorough examination. If an abscess or decayed portion of the tooth is found, we will numb the area, remove the damaged portions, seal the remaining area, and cap it with a dental crown to prevent further damage. We also provide nitrous oxide analgesia and internet radio with noise blocking headphones for patient comfort.

If a tooth is not amenable to root canal treatment, or the chance of root canal complications are high, we will inform you of alternative treatments.

Pain After Root Canal

Thanks to advancements in technologies and techniques over the years, root canal complications and root canal pain are less likely to occur with proper treatment and aftercare. With over 14 million root canals performed annually, success for root canal procedures occurs in a very large majority of cases. To guarantee a successful procedure, avoid hard and chewy foods immediately and for several days after the root canal, and be sure to take any and all medications prescribed by Dr. Santilli. Pain is minimalized by proper aftercare.

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