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Dental Fillings

Dr. Santilli is following the advances made in modern dentistry and has switched from using silver dental amalgam fillings to tooth colored composite dental fillings. The advantage of these fillings is that they blend in with the color of your teeth, allowing for a completely natural smile. Composite dental fillings still provide your teeth with the same protective capabilities for decayed or worn teeth as do amalgam fillings.

We have many patients who ask us to replace their old amalgam fillings with a composite dental filling. We are then able to closely match the natural color of their teeth. 

Cosmetic Uses for Composite Dental Fillings

Composites can also be used as an effective, economical  cosmetic dentistry option to cover tooth discoloration, repair chips, and fill in gaps in broken-down teeth.

This type of chair-side veneer is a virtually painless procedure that can be completed in one visit to our office. Various colors are carefully blended so the bonded tooth looks completely natural. The composite dental filling is then shaped and contoured to match your existing dentition.

There are several advantages to using composite material when restoring teeth. Often, no anesthetic is needed for bonding procedures. Little or no tooth preparation is needed in some cases. Dental composite veneers are also half the price of a porcelain veneer, but they still offer beautiful, completely natural results, giving you a whole new smile.

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