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I was so excited to meet my new dentist because he accepts my work insurance. His office ladies are lovely and I can't just say that because one of them is my sister-in-law but it's true, they will take great care of you.

As a new patient I was very impressed with the office and I had been talking very closely with my sister-in-law to plan this visit since I knew nothing about picking a good dentist and how much the insurance would cover for a regular visit.

The ex-rays, records and everything there is digital as Jessica H said. I was amazed how high tech Dr. Santilli is and he's been around in dentistry for 17 years!! You gotta trust a guy that's been around for that long.

I felt special as a patient and not only because it was my sister-in-law doing my teeth but because the whole office learned my name and treated me very well. I am a little nervous to use any other hygienist since I don't know what they are like but I guess if my sister-in-law is not available I will give in and go with them.

Everything is very up-to-date and they will make your visit go by very smoothly.

Tammy A., Columbus

I ABSOLUTELY love and rave about my DDS—the whole experience is nearly spa-like with less expensive price tags as a whole, than both a spa (lol) and most other dental services.

Jeffrey P. Santilli, DDS is amazing—He's knowledgeable and soft-spoken. I am total wuss when it comes to dental—but I am more cool with it now b/c of him.

Waiting area has lovely coffee, there are snacks, personal toothbrushes and accoutrements (in the RR) and a million other nice little touches. Flat screens
in every room (or they will give you an Ipod/bring your own), they encourage nitrous oxide, AND  here are the two absolutely BEST parts....

1. Everything (xrays, records, etc) is digital. If you move, they will hand you a thumb drive to take with you

2. Whether you have insurance or not, they will let you pay in installments and work very conscientiously to make it happen within your means

They genuinely care about your experience and listen attentively to all concerns and info you have to give them. They are very sensitive to expenses a patient could incur. LOVE THIS PLACE!

Jessica H., Columbus

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