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Cutting-Edge Technology

Digital Impressions

  • We now utilize a digital scanner for model, crown, bridge and Invisalign impressions. The iTero Element Scanner is engineered to capture 6000 frames per second.

  • Impressions are much more accurate.

  • Impressions are taken with a camera. No more trays or impression material.


Digital Sensors

  • We utilize digital sensors for intraoral radiographs.

  • Digital images are more accurate than film and provide early detection of cavities or changes.

  • Digital sensors also decrease exposure time to radiation by 3/4 that of traditional films



Galileos 3D Scanner

  • 3D Imaging allows for virtual implant placement to determine quality and quantity of bone at the implant site.

  • Gives 3D visualization of anatomical structures of teeth.

  • 100% digital allows us to produce images using 1/4 of the amount of radiation exposure of films.

  • Also used for fabrication of precise surgical guides for implant placement.

  • Allows for less invasive implant placement.


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