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Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are teeth that are used to fill in spaces created by tooth loss. These spaces don’t just affect the appearance of your smile, but they can also negatively impact dental health. Just one missing tooth,
if left unattended to, can lead to many dental issues, including the:

  • Development of periodontal disease;

  • Decay and shifting of remaining, healthy teeth;

  • Damage of joints in the jaw;

  • Difficulty to chew, eat, and speak;

  • Loss of bone density, thickness and height

After a thorough examination and assessment of the area around
the missing teeth, Dr. Santilli and his staff of highly trained dental technicians develop a plan for you and your smile. With the use of
x-rays, models, and diagnostic work, Dr. Santilli will determine if a dental bridge is best for you.

Types of Dental Bridges

Depending on the location and chewing force we anticipate the area
to receive, Dr. Santilli utilizes three types of dental bridges.

Traditional or Fixed Dental Bridge – By making use of properly installed dental crowns, a fixed bridge is bonded and fit between two or more teeth. Secured in position, a fixed bridge is highly unlikely to move, making it the most common and long-lasting dental bridge option.

Cantilever Dental Bridge – Cantilever bridges are used to replace missing teeth when only surrounded by teeth on one side of the mouth, such as back molars. Cantilevers, similar to the other types of dental bridges, are made of gold, metal alloys, or porcelain.

Resin-bonded (Maryland) Dental Bridge – Typically used as a more temporary dental bridge, a Maryland bridge is bonded to the back of adjacent teeth to fill in the space. With proper care, these bridges can last up to 10 years and they usually come with the lowest dental bridge cost.

Dental Bridge Cost

Although dental bridges cost varying amounts based on individual circumstances, Dr. Santilli works with each patient so that they can receive the very best dental bridge work. After the initial assessment,
Dr. Santilli goes through all available options to repair your smile, including any necessary root canal or dental hygiene work. Contact us for more information about pricing and payment plans, accepted insurance, and our general dental services.

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